jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Inspiraciones divinas: Alfred Cheney Johnston.

 Señoras y señores, Alfred Cheney Johnston.

"I try to make not just a photograph of a girl's face and figure, but one of her personality as well, because when you look at a person your eye isn't photographic. You don't see just the features. In fact, you probably couldn't describe your best friend's face absolutely accurately, could you? You'd remember characteristics, interesting attributes, that would temper that memory. That's why photographs so often are disappointing--they show just what the eye sees. But-take a photograph that has a definite atmosphere, that brings out a girl's elfin loveliness, her daintiness, her quiet, sweet charm, her spirit of gay camaraderie, and you've got a photograph that is going to mean something to her and her friends. "

Para leer la entrevista completa, aquí;  la biografía completa la encontrareis en este enlace. Y si queréis mas información acerca de este genio...pues chicos, para esto está Google.

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